Follow these three simple steps to secure
your personal data. Best of all—it's free.


The Securotopia Promise

Privacy for everyone.

Securotopia was founded by nine of the world's leading technology companies—companies that prefer to remain anonymous. We formed a consortium to develop data protection technologies designed make the Internet a place where personal data can remain personal. Securotopia recruited a team of the very best developers and encryption experts in Silicon Valley to create a highly sophisticated data protection solution. The Securotopia software is available for free. To everyone.

The Securotopia Pledge.

  • 1. We will work together to protect personal information.
  • 2. We will promote the advancement of encryption technologies.
  • 3. We will provide Securotopia free of charge, forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Securotopia scan take? Is it expensive?

Securotopia usually completes each scan in three minutes or less. It requires no downloads and is free of charge. We accomplish this public service by harnessing the power of server farms around the world and the genius of Silicon Valley's finest developers and coders. Our "smart" algorithms evolve in realtime to avert hacking and meta-countersurveillance.

Why do I need to scan?

Government surveillance, criminal activity, and unethical business practices can compromise your privacy at any time. For example, your state or local police may use a program called Stingray to spy on citizens' cell phones without a warrant. If that information is reachable anywhere on the Internet, even over secured channels, Securotopia strives to find it for you.

Personal information obtained through social engineering techniques may also be publicly available without your knowledge. Cybercrime, identity theft, and Internet fraud are on the rise. Computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses cost individuals and businesses billions of dollars every year. You have probably heard about the 401 Worm recently; it's just the latest example.

What is the 401 Worm?

The 401 Worm is a computer program that gathers information about your contacts, online searches, emails, credit cards, personal preferences, past history, and purchasing habits. It relays this data back to the creators of 401, who then sell it to the highest bidder. The worm mutates frequently. Securotopia has been successful in detecting and diverting hundreds of 401 attacks. On Twitter, follow #401worm for up-to-the-second news.

UPDATE: 401 Worm patch 3.b4 installed 3:15 pm PST.

What about my devices?

Securotopia's Mobile Protectant for iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android will be released in May, with Google Glass to follow this summer.

How can I help promote privacy?

Learn about privacy and security. Take steps to protect yourself, and encourage your friends to do the same. Run the Securotopia scan every 30 days if you are an active Internet user. If you read about a new threat to online privacy, such as a major retailer's database being compromised, run a new scan immediately.

Questions? Contact Us

Help keep Securotopia secure! Please run a scan on your name and email address before contacting us. Thank you!

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Privacy Policy

We won't share your information with anyone—no spammers, governmental institutions, not even our consortium member companies. In fact, we don't keep the information ourselves. Securotopia deletes all records regularly, using our proprietary, three-layer electromagnetic degausser.